SAS Enjoy x2 points private offer

Following the 25th anniversary EuroBonus points bargain offer, SAS sent out email to all Gold and Diamond members, which includes a personal link to Enjoy x2 Points sign-up.

You can sign up for  double the points offer before 1st of March.  You would receive x2 EuroBonus points on all SAS travels between 6th March and 10th April 2017.


  • Double points received are EuroBonus Extra points, which are not counting towards status qualification.
  • Only reservations made after signing up and made on SAS webpage would get double points. Previous reservations do not qualify.

It’s a very generous offer, especially if you have SAS long haul flight in Business Class.  If you have a business class trip already booked within those dates, you might consider cancelling it and rebooking after signing for x2 points offer. 20+k points are very handy.

SAS EuroBonus Points Bargain offer for Gold and Diamond statuses

Celebrating Scandinavian Airlines frequent flyer program EuroBonus turning 25 years, there are some nice points bargain deals to fly with SAS within Europe and Scandinavia, but only if you have EuroBonus Gold or Diamond status.

Travelling in SAS Go starts from as low as 5000 EuroBonus points and within continental Europe from 35 000 points, which is a nice points redemption.

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New Swiss Airlines Bombardier CS100 series

Given that it was an economy 55 minutes flight from Zurich to Rome on Swiss Airlines flight 1732, I would have never written a single word about it.

But! It was a brand new Bombardier CS100 series aircraft, which had a stunning cabin! Currently, everyone is praising Dreamliner (which still has not learned how to get airborn, given the endless engine problems) and A350, which is actually quite nice.

But if you live in Europe, where the longest flight is usually less than 3-4 hours, you will not experience A340, A350, B777, B747 and A380… The maximum you can expect is A321/B373, which are not that impressive at all.

Swiss Airlines brand new Bombardier CS100 is something that makes intra-EU travel fun again! They have one of a kind seats, which some might find insanely annoying, but if you consider it is 1 hour flight, you might find a reasoning to enjoy more foot room rather than space for your iPad or laptop. It is also giving a luxurious feel by using leather, stitched leather headpieces and stainless steel (or some metal) in front of you.

It looks neat, cool, new, fresh, fancy and rich.

Thumbs up for Swiss Airlines new Bombardier CS100, which they currently have 6 in operation and 8 more to come on order!

SAS Happy Weekend: Cheap flights to USA and Asia

It’s been more than 2 months since SAS Scandinavian Airlines had a decent promotional offer on long haul flights. Usually the most best offers appear during SAS Travel Now or Never campaign, which they run each Thursday 18:00 to 24:00. Guess last Thursday SAS realized that nobody cares about 70 euros flight between Copenhagen and Billund (where is it, actually?) and the following day they announced a new SAS Happy Weekend campaign, which offers not the cheapest, but discounted flights to USA, Asia and within Europe.

SAS Happy Weekend offer details:

The offer is not published on English version of, so make sure you have Swedish language selected to see it.

Book flights before 19/2 2017 for travelling

Within Europe: 6/3–30/6 2017.

To USA & Asia: 21/3–28/5 2017.

Domestic within Sweden 13/3–30/7 2017.


Some cheap flight options include:

Copenhagen (CPH) or Malmo (MMX) to New York (EWR) for approximately 350 EUR round trip in economy class.

Copenhagen (CPH) or Malmo (MMX) to Hong Kong (HKG) for approximately 380 EUR round trip in economy class.

It’s yet unclear how often SAS will offer Happy Weekend deals. So far, it is the first one.

Book award flight with EuroBonus AMEX 2-4-1 (2 for 1) voucher

Holders of SAS EuroBonus American Express Premium and Elite Credit Cards get an extra perk, which allows to book SAS or any Star Alliance award flight for only 50% of the points required. However, it’s commonly referred as Amex 2-4-1 (two for one) voucher.

How to get Eurobonus Amex voucher?

It’s quite simple and straight-forwards, all you need to do is to accumulate 150 000 SEK (approx 15 000 EUR) spendings on your American Express Premium or Elite card in one calendar year.  After you reach the required amount, you will receive a letter with a notification and a voucher code.

How to book award flight on SAS or Star Alliance with Amex voucher?

In the voucher letter from American Express there will be a dedicated phone number, which would connect you to a call center in Tallinn, where really helpful assistants can create a reservation for you and redeem Amex 2-4-1 voucher.

How to find seats and class availability for award flight?

Read the most up to date guide on how to search for available flying classes, seats, routes and airlines to ensure the most successful and spot-on award flight on SAS or Star Alliance network.

SAS EuroBonus American Express Elite Credit Card, is it worth it?

SAS EuroBonus American Express Elite Credit Card

American Express (Amex) SAS EuroBonus Elite card is the most expensive airline partnered card available in Sweden with the benefits which are not available for Denmark and Norway.

With the annual fee of 4000 SEK (or 420 EUR) it is usually the question, is it really worth it?


20,000 status founding EuroBonus points
Interest-free credit up to 55 days
The concierge service around the clock
SAS EuroBonus Extra points on everything you buy with the card – 20 Extra Points per $ 100
Double the value of your points when you shop for SEK 150 000 in a calendar year, you get the opportunity to book an optional EuroBonus trip to 50% discount points with SAS “Best Price” or Star Alliance, for up to two people. Do you shop for SEK 300 000 you get a till4
More cards, more points – In your membership includes three extra cards and an Additional Card for yourself at no extra charge
The shortcut to good tickets through American Express Invites®

Scandinavian SAS Eurobonus VS Norwegian Rewards, which programme is better?

Scandinavian Airlines System (SAS) is a “triple flag carrier”, which has a long history of being the major airline within Scandinavian region and dominating Danish, Swedish and Norwegian markets.

Norwegian Airlines was established in 2007, meanwhile it took several years of aggressive pricing and network expansion before the company became known. In 2016 it introduced a refreshed Norwegian Rewards program, which is not connected with any major airlines alliance.

Here is a summary of the benefits of both SAS Eurobonus and Norwegian Rewards frequent flyer programs, their pros and cons.

How to get SAS Eurobonus Gold Status?

  • Tired of wasting several hours in check-in lines, because someone in front of you has 10kg overweight?
  • Not impressed with 25 minutes waiting time via security, because some woman has endless metal jewellery on her?
  • Ran out of battery and the only plug in the airport is by the toilet and already has a line of hipsters to use it?
  • Find it ridiculous to pay triple for everything in the airport, including “free” tap water?

Sounds like it’s time to get SAS Eurobonus Gold Status (Star Alliance Gold), so the next trip you enjoy priority lines, cozy lounges and spend time sipping wine, or even bubbly!

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