Aklamio review – how to maximize cash back on travel & holidays

Aklamio.com is an online cash back (or rebate) service, or as the company calls it “word-of-mouth recommendation service”.

Surely, it is not the only cash back service available online, but I find it to be the best one. It has completely free membership, one of the most intuitive user interfaces, huge selection of categories and partners, high cash back rate and friendly support team.

How to maximize Travel & Holidays by using Aklamio

First of all, you need to register in Aklamio using Facebook, Google or PayPal. Registration is fast and simple.

After registration, you will have access to 12 different categories, including Fashion, Travel & Holidays, Home & Beauty, Electronics & Software and many more. Lets focus on Travel & Holidays.

After selecting Travel & Holidays category, Aklamio provides an option to select shops from 7 different countries: Germany, Austria, Spain, Italy, UK, France and Switzerland. Selecting different countries will show different shops, sometimes including very attractive offers from local partners.

Tip: Most of the major travel websites, such as Expedia, Hotels.com and Booking.com, are available for all markets, but offer different cash back %. For example, Hotels.com UK offers 6% cash back, while all other countries get only 5.4%. Just compare several countries for the website you are interested in, and choose the highest cash back rate. Your location does not need to match the country you select.

Remember to Turn off your ad blocker! Cash back services rely on browser cookies for tracking. Active ad blocker will prevent your purchase of being tracked by Aklamio, thus preventing you from getting reward for that purchase.

Aklamio step by step

Here’s an example of how I got additional 45 EUR back from a 6 nights stay in Novotel Singapore.

Say you’re a member of Accor Hotels Le Club loyalty program and you value accumulating status points and benefiting from top tier status with Accor. In this case, booking with third party websites, such as Expedia or Hotels.com, is not an option as those bookings will not give benefits with Accor Hotels.

Before, I would just go directly to AccorHotels.com and make a reservation. However, with Aklamio I made it as a rule to make reservations using their cash back service. It only takes few minutes longer, but saves a lot of money at the end.

Here is how it works.

    1. Register or login to you Aklamio account
    2. Go to Travel and Holidays categoryaklamio travel category
    3. I usually select Spain as a country for Accor Hotels. It gives the highest rewards based on hotel group you choose, in case of Novotel 5.1% back:Rewards per recommendation or cashback
      Reservation of Sofitel, Lucien Barriere, Pullman, MGallery, Grand Mercure, The Sebel 6,8%
      Reservation of Novotel, Mercure, Suite Novotel, Adagio, Mama Shelter, Associated Hotel 5,1%
      Reservation of Adagio Access, Ibis, Ibis Style, 2,55%
      Reservation of Formule 1, HotelF1, Ibis budget, Formule 1 India 1,27%
    4. Select Get cashback option and proceed to AccorHotels.com website for a regular booking process (remember to have “accept cookies” on and “ad blocker” off)
    5. You can also recommend Aklamio cashback to a friend. You’ll have three options “Keep”, “Share” or “Give away”. It will determine the % of cashback you would like to share with a friend.
    6. After the standard booking procedure, Aklamio will send a confirmation email looking like thisThis means your cashback has been properly tracked by Aklamio and your reward will stay in pending status until it is confirmed. My Novotel Singapore booking was around 1000 EUR and it was rewarded accordingly 5.1%.
    7. Complete your hotel stay. It normally takes few weeks to confirm it (depends on the store, Accor Hotels confirms the stay within 3-4 weeks)
    8. After the reward has been confirmed, you will get another email from Aklamio It means your cash back is ready to be payed out by PayPal or Bank account transfer. I use PayPal and usually get cash back within several days or faster.

After using Aklamio for several months this is how my rewards are looking like (pending is upcoming summer vacation that I yet have to enjoy 😉 ):


It is really an easy way of saving money on each flight and hotel booking you make online. Given that in total Aklamio has more than 3000 shops and services, you don’t have to limit Aklamio just to travelling.

The great part is that Aklamio does not increase prices on partner websites if you use their link. I have done several comparisons, and some time ending up in offers from Hotels.com or Expedia being cheaper than booking directly with them.

Are you using any other cashback service? Do you think it is worth the effort or not?

Leave a comment with your experience!