SAS EuroBonus American Express Classic Credit Card summer offer

Summer 2017 is a very generous period for different SAS EuroBonus credit card offers.

The most interesting offer right now is SAS EuroBonus American Express Classic Credit card.

SAS EuroBonus American Express Classic Credit Card

SAS EuroBonus American Express Classic card
SAS EuroBonus American Express Classic card

Apply for SAS American Express Classic credit card before August 31st 2017 and get the first year for free (savings of 395 SEK/year).

If you register with member’s invitation, you’ll receive additional 6 000 SAS EuroBonus extra points. These points will be credited to your SAS EuroBonus account after you accumulate 10 000 SEK in card purchases within 3 months.

SAS American Express Classic benefits:

SAS EuroBonus points

SAS American Express Classic card earns 10 SAS EuroBonus extra points for 100 SEK spent on purchases.

Don’t forget, you can maximize your points earning by paying your bills with services like Betalo or Billhop, and make it a habit to swipe SAS EuroBonus American Express credit card instead of your regular bank card.

Also, for each purchase made on you will earn 30 SAS EuroBonus extra points for 100 SEK spent.

SAS Award flight 2-4-1

After spending 100 000 sek in a calendar year, you will receive 50% discount on any award flight with SAS in Europe (2-4-1 offer). This offer allows you to book a SAS flight within Europe using 50% less points for one person, or to book two seats for the price of one.
For example, with the signup bonus and 2-4-1 offer you can get three return flights within Nordics in SAS Go, or one return flight in SAS Go from Nordic countries to any SAS European destination.

If you collect a bit more SAS EuroBonus points, you can enjoy a return SAS Plus flight within Europe for just 25 000 points. You can achieve it by paying your bills and daily expenditures with SAS Amex Classic within 4 -6 months.

American Express extended travel insurance

It doesn’t happen often, but when it does, you really appreciate American Express travel insurance. From my experience, it’s quite simple and hassle free to claim baggage loss, delay or damage with American Express travel insurance. Especially, I appreciated necessity allowance of 200 EUR/day when I arrived to Chania (Greece), while my luggage was travelling Copenhagen-Oslo-Stockholm-Copenhagen-Chania for 3 days.7

If you’ve ever wanted to try SAS EuroBonus American Express card, now is a perfect opportunity to give it a shot. It costs you nothing, while gives valuable SAS EuroBonus extra points each month.

I accumulate around 7 000 SAS EuroBonus extra points a month (using Amex Elite card), which gives me a free First Class trip yearly (worth over 200 000 SEK), simply by paying my rent and food expenses with SAS EuroBonus Amex.

I constantly see Nordea, SEB and etc cards being used daily without any benefits. Makes me wonder, why not to use SAS EuroBonus American Express?

Within few months, it can give a free SAS Go/Plus trip to Barcelona, Malaga, Palma de Mallorca, Chania and etc,  while you pay nothing more than your regular expenses.

For more advances SAS EuroBonus accumulation schemas check out American Express Premium and American Express Elite cards.