SAS EuroBonus American Express Elite Credit Card, is it worth it?

SAS EuroBonus American Express Elite Credit Card

American Express (Amex) SAS EuroBonus Elite card is the most expensive airline partnered card available in Sweden with the benefits which are not available for Denmark and Norway.

With the annual fee of 4000 SEK (or 420 EUR) it is usually the question, is it really worth it?


20,000 status founding EuroBonus points
Interest-free credit up to 55 days
The concierge service around the clock
SAS EuroBonus Extra points on everything you buy with the card – 20 Extra Points per $ 100
Double the value of your points when you shop for SEK 150 000 in a calendar year, you get the opportunity to book an optional EuroBonus trip to 50% discount points with SAS “Best Price” or Star Alliance, for up to two people. Do you shop for SEK 300 000 you get a till4
More cards, more points – In your membership includes three extra cards and an Additional Card for yourself at no extra charge
The shortcut to good tickets through American Express Invites®