How to get SAS Eurobonus Gold Status?

sas eurobonus gold
  • Tired of wasting several hours in check-in lines, because someone in front of you has 10kg overweight?
  • Not impressed with 25 minutes waiting time via security, because some woman has endless metal jewellery on her?
  • Ran out of battery and the only plug in the airport is by the toilet and already has a line of hipsters to use it?
  • Find it ridiculous to pay triple for everything in the airport, including “free” tap water?

Sounds like it’s time to get SAS Eurobonus Gold Status (Star Alliance Gold), so the next trip you enjoy priority lines, cozy lounges and spend time sipping wine, or even bubbly!

SAS EuroBonus is the official frequent flyer program for Scandinavian Airlines, the flag carrier for the nations of Scandinavia: Sweden, Denmark and Norway (and NO! Finland is not Scandinavia!). As a founding member of Star Alliance, SAS EuroBonus Gold level is recognized by all 28 partner airlines as an elite Gold status.

Why do you need EuroBonus Gold status (or higher)?

The top-tier Gold status is actually where you start feeling the benefits of SAS EuroBonus Frequent Flyer program.  The listed benefits of low-tier levels, called Member and Silver are pretty much neglectable.

So what does it actually give you? Full list of the benefits is better to find on SAS EuroBonus page, but here is what regular traveller would enjoy:

  • Business check-in counter – SCREW endless lines, especially during morning rush hours! You won’t need to arrive to the airport 3-4 hours in advance, just because you need to stand the line. Now you can manage within 1 hour.
  • Fast Track (and Gold Track coming!) – you can pass airport security via dedicated lane. It does save a lot of time.
  • Lounge Access – EuroBonus Gold members can enjoy dedicated SAS Lounges, as well as Star Alliance Gold lounges all over the world. No need to pay 10 EUR for a cup of coffee and another 15 EUR for a tiny sandwich. And let’s not talk about the alcohol prices in Scandinavian airports. Flying is much less stressful, when you can enjoy a glass of decent wine or beer. Read more in Lounge Reviews, which are the best Star Alliance lounges.
  • Priority boarding – don’t you get annoyed when boarding is completely random each time? Today its rows 37 to 59 boarding first, tomorrow its 19 to 28, and a day after its 1 to 59 at the same time. Now you can be assured that you will be boarding among the first ones. It saves a lot of time and nerves trying to find a space for carry-on luggage.
  • Priority luggage – depends on luck and airport, but ideally your bags shall be arriving one of the first ones on the belt.

How do you get EuroBonus Gold?

This is the tricky part of any top-tier frequent flyer program. Getting and maintaining EuroBonus Gold status requires either 45 one way segments on SAS operated flights or 45 000 Basic Points within your qualification period (1 year).

Unless you constantly travel within Scandinavia on SAS, meeting the first requirement might be quite challenging and let’s just skip it.

45 000 Basic points approach

Each flight taken on SAS or Star Alliance partners will give you a certain amount of points. Unfortunately, few years ago SAS reduced the miles (or Bonus Points) earned by flying in most of the economy class fares on partner airlines.

The fastest way to reach Gold’s points requirement is to fly SAS long haul, hands down. Here is SAS EuroBonus award chart showing how many miles a flight to certain destination gives.

Basic points per one-way trip
SAS Go Go Flex & Plus Saver Plus & Business Saver SAS Business
Booking classes Q, V, W, K, L, T, O, U, G B, P, E, M, H, A Z, Y, S C, D
Boston, New York 3,000 4,000 6,000 9,000
Beijing, Chicago, Washington 3,750 5,000 7,500 10,000
Hong Kong, Shanghai, Tokyo,
Miami, Los Angeles,
San Francisco
4,500 6,000 9,000 12,000

Clearly, the fastest way is to take 2 return flights in Business Class, but it is also the most expensive option.

SAS runs Travel Now or Never promotions each Thursday 18:00 to 24:00 and time to time offers cheap flights to Asia. Last time a return flight from Copenhagen to Shanghai was only 250 EUR and earning 12 000 points.  If you take 3 long haul flights and have several intra-Europe flights, which give up to 2000 points, you can secure yourself Gold status.

As Gold and Diamond members earn an additional 25 percent Basic points on top of the regular Basic points, maintaining Gold status next year would be a bit easier, as the same flight to Shanghai will give 15 000 points.

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