SAS EuroBonus MasterCard – more points on daily shopping

SAS Scandinavian Airlines is offering two options for co-branded credit cards. First option is SAS EuroBonus American Express, which is a great offer for travel lovers and points freaks.

But SAS EuroBonus Amex has two obvious cons, it is expensive and not accepted in most of the places.

As a great backup option, SAS is offering SAS EuroBonus Mastercard, which is also connected to EuroBonus account and would accumulate additional EuroBonus extra points on each purchase in the places where MasterCard is accepted.

When you sign up, SAS would reward you with 4000 introduction extra points if you make a purchase within 30 days after receiving credit card.

This SAS EuroBonus credit card has a flat earning rate of 10 points per 100 SEK spent, or simply 1 EuroBonus point for each euro spent. It is not as good as American Express Elite and Premium cards, but it costs only 20 euros first year, and 40 euros service charge next years.

You can apply for the card at SAS EuroBonus World MasterCard homepage .

Remember, that you need Swedish Social Security number in order to apply.

Start paying with your EuroBonus MasterCard as soon as you get it and in all places where American Express is not accepted in Scandinavia and worldwide.