Which airlines status match SAS EuroBonus in 2017?

Getting the first frequent flyer elite status requires a lot of travelling, money, time and work. Reaching elite status requirements in more than one airline alliance usually seems close to impossible.

Thankfully, some airlines offer status match for frequent flyers, meaning that you can start enjoying all the top tier benefits even before you take your first flight with the airline.

Here is a list of airlines matching your SAS EuroBonus status in 2017:

EuroBonus status match to:

oneworld airlines

  • Air Berlin topbonus – Long lasting and one of the easiest ways of getting oneworld Sapphire status (topbonus Gold) if you have EuroBonus Gold/Diamond status. Note, you have to be a resident in Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Finland or Germany to be approved.
  • LATAM PASS – less known status match option. If you have some travels in Latin America, there is a high chance LATAM will match your EuroBonus Gold status to oneworld Sapphire, and even better, EuroBonus Diamond status to oneworld Emerald level, which is really nice.

Star Alliance airlines

  • Turkish Airlines Miles and Smiles – if your SAS EuroBonus status is expiring soon and you are not reaching renewal requirements, you might consider asking Turkish Airlines to status match or enroll in status challenge.

Sky Team airlines

  • None – unfortunately, currently there is no airline from Sky Team alliance doing status match to SAS EuroBonus. Last year Alitalia had very generous offer, but due to high demand they discontinued it.

Do you have any other experience with matching status using SAS EuroBonus?

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