Aegean airlines domestic flights are again bookable with partner airlines?

Aegean Airlines and Olympic Air are two major airlines based in Greece. In 2013, Aegean Airlines acquired Olympic Air and became the largest airline in Greece. The two airlines now operate as separate entities under the same parent company, Aegean Airlines Group, but share resources and cooperate in some areas to better serve their customers.

In the past, Aegean Airlines was used for flights outside of Greece, while Olympic Air was used only for domestic flights (even if it was operated by Aegean Airlines).

This was creating tons of confusion (even for me personally) when transferring in Athens or Thessaloniki to any domestic destination, all of a sudden your Star Alliance Gold benefits would stop working. This includes priority boarding, fast track or lounge access.

However, something was recently changed, and it seems like many of what used to be “Olympic Air flight operated by Aegean Airlines” – that would NOT apply any of Star Alliance benefits and cannot be booked as an award flight using partner airlines’ miles became widely available!

Here are a few examples of the availability of intra-Greece flights using partner’s airlines:

With SAS Scandinavian Airlines

It was not possible to book Aegean Airlines domestic flights for at very least the past 8 years that I could remember.
Nope: the taxes seem to be a bit higher than what they are for booking using Aegean Miles and Bonus (about 35 euros).

SAS and Aegean domestic

With United Airlines

Quite sure it would not be possible to book domestic flights either but correct me if I’m wrong in the comment. Taxes seem to be in line as Aegean charged in Miles and Bonus
United and Aegean domestic

With ANA Airlines

Surprisingly, even Japanese ANA Airlines find availability for Aegean domestic flights!
ANA and Aegean domestic


It’s making sense if Aegean flights started to be pure Aegean Airlines and not hiding under “Olympic Air operated by Aegean Airlines”, because I personally was very confused with those, until I learned the golden rule “in Greece OA, outside A3”.

What stays not clear are Star Alliance benefits on these flights, however, I have already asked Aegean if they could clarify it.

Leave comments if you see the same in any other program!