Aeroflot Bonus and AeroMenu

Aeroflot Bonus new partner AeroMenu is offering fresh and healthy food, delivered to the gate before the flight.

You can select one out of three meal combos (for now, perhaps the menu will grow), no later than 80 minutes before the flight from Moscow Sheremetyevo Airport (SVO). It will be prepared by AeroMenu and delivered to you by the gate.

Aeroflot Bonus and AeroMenu

Current meal sets are:

Balanced meal – 23 Eur or 4138 Aeroflot Bonus miles.

Roast beef and fresh chili salad

Salmon and cheese bruschetta

Carrot cake

Vegetarian meal – 19 Eur or 3362 Aeroflot Bonus miles

Quinoa salad

Tofu sandwich

Chocolate and banana cake

Kids meal – 16 Eur or 2844 Aeroflot Bonus miles

Mini-mozzarella salad

Club sandwich

Cranberry muffin


The food can be preordered via a phone app, which can be downloaded from the official webpage.

Unfortunately, it is only available in Russian language now.

Members of Aeroflot Bonus program can earn 1 point for each 0.17 Eur spent with AeroMenu. It’s a very generous miles offer from Aeroflot.

I have not tried AeroMenu food yet, but I’m very happy about an alternative option to Aeroflot in-flight food. My last flight with Aeroflot in EU and domestic left me very unhappy with the meal provided in business class. Scared to think what do they give in economy class.

Personally, I think AeroMenu is a bit pricey, but the food and drinks in Moscow Sheremetyevo airport were always priced ridiculously.