All Airberlin topbonus status match offers to oneworld alliance

Airberlin’s last day as a oneworld member airline will be October 27, 2017. But it doesn’t mean your topbonus status has to be wasted.  There’re several status match opportunities with several oneworld airlines.

Iberia Plus status match

iberia plus status match
iberia plus status match

Currently the best oneworld status match offer. You can match topbonus Silver (oneworld Ruby) status to Iberia Plus Silver.

In case you have topbonus Gold or Platinum (oneworld Sapphire and Emerald) you can get Iberia Plus Gold (oneworld Sapphire).

You need to fill in the status match request document, which is in German, but… Google translate would help! Send it to or, including photos or screenshots of your current topbonus status.

The best part of Iberia Plus status match is that it’s not asking to do any flight challenges, so you can just receive the status and start using it immediately.

Finnair Plus status match and challenge

finnair plus status match
finnair plus status match

Finnair will only match topbonus members to Finnair Plus Silver (oneworld Ruby), irrespectively of having higher tier.

Reaching Finnair Gold status will require a Gold Challenge, which requires 40,000 tier points or 23 flights within 6 months. All details are available on Finnair status match webpage.

I got my status matched within 2 weeks after sending the required information to Finnair.

British Airways Executive Club status match + bonus Avios


BA Executive Club Silver
BA Executive Club Silver

British Airways, same as Finnair, is only matching to BA Bronze (oneworld Ruby).


If you are an existing Executive Club Member,  you need send an email at with your Executive Club membership details and attach evidence of your airberlin topbonus tier status by the 30 November.

If you are not an existing member, you will need to join first. You will also be eligible for an additional 4,500 Avios when you join before the 30th of November.

if you take 4 flights with British Airways before the 31 December 2017, you will receive additional 9,000 bonus Avios.

Full details are available at BA status match page

Royal Jordanian Airlines Royal Plus top-tier status match

Royal Jordanian status match
Royal Jordanian status match

Quite “exotic” status match from Royal Jordanian airlines. The offer is valid only for top-tier statuses (Gold and Platinum). The status match requires a flight with RJ to “activate” the status and member must achieve 20,000 miles within the first 12 months to keep the matched status, otherwise, the card level will be demoted.

Full details are available on Royal Jordanian status match page, This status match is only making sense if you have travel plans with RJ, which has quite nice business class.

Personally, I have already matched to Finnair Plus and plan on matching to Iberia Plus. I don’t see myself using RJ anytime soon. And in good, old-fashioned traditions, British Airways are offering close to a useless status match.

Which program would you choose?