ANA new A380 route and livery from Haneda to Hawaii

ANA (All Nippon Airlines) has just revealed its order for 3 new Airbus A380, which will be operated on ANA’s most popular vacation route from Tokyo Haneda airport to Hawaii Honolulu.

Look at this A380 beauty!

ANA-A380 Haneda Honolulu
ANA-A380 Haneda Honolulu

And the best part is, it will be equipped with ANA First Class cabin. This means, in 2019 (expected start of operating A380 for HND-HNL route) we all will be able to try fresh ANA First Class cabin on the way to amazing Hawaii.

Surely, the availability of the seats is always a question when it comes to ANA first class flights. Let’s hope they will be releasing at least 2 seats at a time and will not exclude Star Alliance partners from booking First Class flights on A380, as Singapore Airlines does it.

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