Double SAS EuroBonus points during summer with Mastercard Premium

In addition to the newly released SAS EuroBonus World Mastercard Premium card, during summer months of June, July and August you can earn double EuroBonus extra points for each purchase made with the card.

Here is what you can earn with new Mastercard Premium

  • 15 30 points for each 100 kr spent in Sweden
  • 20 40 points for each 100 kr spent in foreign currency
  • 25 50 points for each 100 kr spent on tickets with SAS (booked via SAS website)

All of the earnings during promotion are out beating what the highest level of American Express is currently offering.

Some advices:

  • When abroad, ask to charge your card in local currency, as sometimes there are option to pay in local.
  • ATM withdrawals are not giving any points, so it is always better to pay with the card as much as possible
  • Already have plans for future travels with SAS? Make sure to book your flights on SAS webpage using  EuroBonus World Mastercard Premium
  • Have bills to pay? Learn how to maximize points by paying utility and any other bill (faktura) using credit cards