Elgiganten and SAS EuroBonus points promotion

Great news if you live in Sweden and eager to freshen up your apartment or gadgets collection!

From March 20 until April 17 you can earn up to 20 000 EuroBonus extra points for each microwave, dishwasher, razor or vacuum cleaner purchased on Elgiganten website.

Elgiganten and SAS EuroBonus

Today starts a very, very very generous promotion between SAS and one of the leading consumer electronics store in Sweden, Elgiganten.se.

Each purchase starting from 20th of March and until 17th of April could reward you with up to 20 000 EuroBonus extra points. Promotional goods will be changed each week, until the promotion ends. The amount of reward points is displayed directly on Elgiganten promotion page and there are some very good deals.

If there was ever a moment to get a new refrigerator, it is during this promotion. New Samsung, LG or Electrolux priced around 800 € will come with 10 000 EuroBonus extra points. Add about 300 € for the item, and it might end up in total of 20 000 points as bonus.

Surely, there are some much cheaper and more affordable offers. Consider getting fit tracker for approx. 80 € with additional 3000 points, or Garmin Vivomove priced at 180 € and rewarding 5000 EuroBonus extra points.

Note that points will take some time to be deposited to your EuroBonus account, as Elgiganten has 30 days return policy, points will come 1-2 weeks after it closes.

Also, do not forget to pay with PayPal connected to your EuroBonus American Express or EuroBonus MasterCard cards so you get additional points.