KLM promotion: win sneakers?!

Most countries in Europe have a strong stereotype image. Germans drink beers, Italians eat pizza and wave their hands, French eat crispy baguette.

And Dutch people do drugs. And in case of new KLM Royal Dutch Airlines promotion, they do some heavy stuff in KLM marketing department.

Simply put, anyone who already has or will make a reservation to Amsterdam with KLM airlines has a chance of winning a pair of sneakers. And here is what they look like:

KLM Sneakers 2
KLM Sneakers

To start with, Dutch are well known for their love to wear orange colour. But the rest of the world? Don’t think so!

To make it even more ridiculous, you have to write like an essay to say “why you shall win sneakers”. What the hell? I can understand just adding your booking and clicking apply. But writing a whole motivational letter why you need a pair of unknown, pop-the-eye orange sneakers? Who has time and will for it?

Personally, I think this is one of the most reality disconnected promotions for airline ever. Travellers want a cabin class upgrade, additional miles, a ticket somewhere, but definitely not a pair of sneakers.

KLM marketing department shall totally reconsider eating heavy hallucinational mushrooms for lunch!

What do you think? Is it really appropriate for an airline to give away sneakers rather than some more feasible traveller perk?