New SAS EuroBonus Mastercard Premium card

SAS (Scandinavian Airlines Systems) introduced a new credit card offer in addition to current SAS Mastercard World card. Is it worth getting it?

SAS EuroBonus World Mastercard Premium

New SAS EuroBonus World Mastercard Premium could be a great choice as the main credit card, or a very nice backup option for everyone, who is maximizing SAS EuroBonus American Express card.

What’s the deal?

  • Yearly fee 1 495 kr / 155 EUR (EuroBonus Diamond level 750 kr / 80 EUR)
  • 1000 EuroBonus basic points each month, when credit card was used (accumulating towards status, but not redeemable)
  • 50% more EuroBonus extra points, compared to regular SAS Mastercard World
    • 15 points for each 100 kr spent in Sweden
    • 20 points for each 100 kr spent in foreign currency
    • 25 points for each 100 kr spent on tickets with SAS (booked via SAS website)
  • Fly Premium benefits
  • 10 000 EuroBonus extra points as welcome sign-up bonus (after 3 purchases made within a month after receiving SAS EuroBonus Mastercard Premium credit card)
  • No maximum limit on points earning

New SAS EuroBonus Mastercard Premium card is quite expensive, even higher price than SAS American Express Premium card (1000 kr / year), but it has some clear advantages.

First of all, Mastercard is much more accepted than American Express. It gives comparable amount of points and gives opportunity to maximize points when paying with Amex is not an option.

Secondly, it allows to reach elite status in SAS EuroBonus much easier. For example, 12 000 basic points for status could be collected by mile run in SAS GO long haul to Asia or West Coast of USA, with the lowest price of approximately 3000 kr. It also excludes time spent, transportation and anything else related to the trip. So for those, who value their elite status with EuroBonus and go on mile runs, this card will save at least hustle of 1 trip.

NOTE: Basic points earned with SAS EuroBonus Mastercard Premium credit cannot be redeemed for awards, it is the same approach as with SAS American Express Elite card, where you get 20 000 basic points to automatically maintain EuroBonus Silver status.

In combination with mentioned SAS American Express Elite card, you would only need 13 000 Basic points to reach or maintain EuroBonus Gold status, which is pretty much just 1 long haul and a few intra europe flights with SAS or Star Alliance partners.

New SAS EuroBonus Mastercard Premium credit card is an obvious choice for anyone aiming to get or easily maintain EuroBonus elite status. It is also good as the main credit card for daily purchases and spendings outside of Sweden, as it gives higher amount of points. There is also additional Fly Premium benefit, which is explained in SAS EuroBonus Fly Premium guide.