Qatar Airways 48-hours online sale

Qatar Airways has opened 48-hours online sale of flights in economy and business classes.

Rush to their webpage for some ridiculously cheap flight offers, including Scandinavia and most of other regions. Select corresponding region/language and look for 48-hours offer.

Qatar Airways 48-hours online sale

Here are some examples of Qatar Airways from Scandinavia offers


Stockholm – Doha – Auckland
Economy Class from 5699 SEK
Business Class from 18,200 SEK

Stockholm – Doha – Phuket
Economy Class from 4380 SEK
Business Class from 17,690SEK

Stockholm – Doha – Singapore
Economy Class from 3600 SEK
Business Class from 12,200 SEK


Copenhagen – Doha – Singapore
Economy Class from 3142 
Business Class from 9806

Copenhagen – Doha – Maldives
Economy Class from 5339 

Copenhagen – Doha – Bangkok
Economy Class from 3179
Business Class from 13,550 DKK


Oslo – Doha – Colombo
Economy Class from 5689  

Oslo – Doha- Singapore
Economy Class from 4028 Business Class from 12,006 

Oslo – Doha – Auckland
Economy Class from 5952 NOK
Business Class from 17,900 NOK

The most amazing deals are clearly to Singapore (within 400 EUR) and to Auckland (within 600 EUR).

Don’t forget that Qatar Airways is voted the best airline in 2017 by SkyTrax and this is a great opportunity to experience their business class service onboard.