S7 airlines stops codesharing with Royal Jordanian airlines

S7 Airlines seems to be stopping codeshare partnership with Royal Jordanian airlines (both are members of oneworld alliance).  I had a reservation with one leg operated by S7 and second leg with S7 flight number operated by Royal Jordanian metal. Yesterday the last leg by RJ just completely disappeared from my reservation. Like without even leaving a single trace it was ever there…

Here is the flight booked several months ago

Searching for the same dates and destinations today on S7 website gives only this notification

It took me two days of being bounced between S7, Royal Jordanian and Expedia to recover the reservation and during that time I managed to visit one of S7 offices in Russia.

I reasonably asked personnel working for S7 what is going on, where is the flight and why they cannot restore their alliance partner flight back to the reservation. I got a quick answer “we are stopping our cooperation with Royal Jordanian airlines“. Unfortunately, S7 personnel refused to dig into details.

It’s not clear what’s the status of cooperation between S7 and Royal Jordanian, but rumors are saying its about who is earning profits from the heavily booked route to Amman.   

During the talk with Expedia, I also asked what is going on. The only reason they could come up with was also stop of codesharing agreement.

In any case, if you have any flights booked with S7 and RJ together, I would highly recommend to immediately check it.

Leave your comments if you experienced the same!