SAS EuroBonus LifeTime Gold status is finally here!

SAS EuroBonus LifeTime Gold and Diamond (Star Alliance Gold) statuses have been promised by SAS for quite a while. The latest update on it was in December 2017 in Ask SAS magazine.

Today, there are reports that qualifying SAS EuroBonus members started to receive email notifications regarding their LifeTime Gold statuses.

What is SAS EuroBonus LifeTime Gold status?

sas eurobonus gold
sas eurobonus gold

It’s something quite simple, yet amazing!

It’s a EuroBonus Gold status for the rest of your life :). Remember, that it’s equivalent to Star Alliance Gold status, which grants benefits on all flights within Star Alliance network. It includes priority check-in, access to the airport lounges, security fast-tracks and some other perks. Sadly, it will not give free luggage on Go Light fares, as SAS is removing this benefit from EuroBonus program.

Yet, it’s quite nice to travel with SAS/Star Alliance with their top-tier status, it saves a lot of time and makes flying more enjoyable.

How to get SAS EuroBonus LifeTime Gold status?


Briefly: FLY, FLY, FLY!

You have to have a normal SAS EuroBonus Gold status for 10 consecutive years. It sounds quite a lot, but in my opinion is totally worth it. I’m in my 2nd year soon, so just 8 years ahead!

Note that a Gold status received from a Diamond member doesn’t count towards LifeTime qualification, therefore you really should have been traveling a lot in the past 10 years.

It’s also stated that “Points accumulated as a result of using credit cards, car hire, hotel stays or other earning opportunities do not count.”, but it shouldn’t affect members who received additional EuroBonus Basic Points and accelerate to their Gold status by using SAS American Express and MasterCard Premium credit cards.

So who is up for a challenge?

Share how many years you have accumulated so far!