Ridiculous SAS EuroBonus points earnings decrease

SAS just announced new EuroBonus points earnings that are effective from December 1st, 2018. The change is drastically decreasing points earned on SAS long-haul flights to USA and Asia in SAS Go class.

The decreased in earned points can be up to 95% !!!(SIC)!!! in comparison to current EuroBonus earnings.


Points earning will be adjusted on Go Light tickets and on non-flexible tickets to USA and Asia in Go class. 
Tier qualifying flights* and tier level bonus** are not affected. The change will affect passengers booking from 1st October with departures from 1st December 2018.

* 10 one-way flights (on SAS and/or to selected destinations on Wideroe) to become a Silver member, 45 one-way flights to
become a Gold member and 90 one-way flights to become a Dimond member
** Gold & Diamond members earn 25% more Basic points on flights on SAS and Wideroe

Here is an example of current earnings between Copenhagen and San Francisco on Scandinavian Airlines operated flight, without any additional status bonuses. Both SAS Go Light and SAS Go classes would earn 4 500 EuroBonus points.
Now the crazy “program improvement”, the same SAS flight in Go Light class will earn 250 EuroBonus points, which is almost 95% decrease!

SAS Go is decreasing by almost 50%, from 4500 points to 2400.

This is really sad news for everyone who used to go on mileage runs with SAS. In case you used to accumulate SAS EuroBonus point, booking SAS Go Light fare becomes a complete nonsense. Affordable SAS Go fare will be giving points comparable to two intra-Europe flight in SAS Plus. For example, Copenhagen to London in SAS Plus will give 1500 EuroBonus points.


Apparently, the points decrease is not only for SAS flights to USA and Asia but Europe as well!

Here are current earnings on Copenhagen to London flight, which gives 500 EuroBonus points in both SAS Go Light and SAS Go fares.

And here are the “improved” earnings of whopping 100 points in SAS Go Light fare.

This is just a ridiculous downgrade from SAS, which came completely not announced. SAS vaguely announced it on one of the EuroBonus news pages, which requires at least 3-4 clicks to reach from the home page and doesn’t even have a clear explanation.

I was expecting EuroBonus devaluation at some point, given the long-promised SAS EuroBonus 3.0., but decrease earnings by 95%? That is just cruel.

It makes it much harder to earn and maintain any sort of elite status with EuroBonus, if you are not flying in Plus and Business class cabin. Surely, there are still options with credit cards, but who knows how SAS will “improve” credit card offers?

But hey, at least with Gold and Diamond status you will earn 25% more points on 100 base points :)!

Is anyone else thinking its just crazy from SAS to do this to their loyal customers?