SAS increases Award Upgrade points

SAS silently increased amount of EuroBonus points required for an upgrade at the airport. The amount  increased by 10 000 for all combinations, reaching maximum of 50 000 per upgrade from SAS Go to SAS Business.

New SAS upgrade redemption chart

Award upgrade with SAS
 Before  Now
Upgrade in advanced or at the airport
Points per flight
From SAS Go to SAS Plus
15 000
25 000
From SAS Plus to SAS Business 25 000 35 000
From SAS Go to SAS Business 40 000 50 000


It has not affected the Upgrade Bidding system (yet?), which you can use before departure to bid EuroBonus points or cash for an upgrade. 

It is bad news, as SAS might continue devaluating EuroBonus points value. We might see Star Alliance award flights redemption increase in the near future, and let’s hope SAS will not do it same quietly!