SAS stops offering newspapers in SAS lounges

March 1st SAS stops offering newspapers and magazines in SAS lounges, EuroBonus members received email with attractive title “London is always calling” with a promotion to book flights to London, Brussels, Edinburgh, Paris and Amsterdam.

And at the bottom of email, in a tiny square SAS announced that it stops offering paper newspapers and magazines in all of their lounges and will substitute it by SAS mobile app newsstand.

SAS has already cut down on 3-rd party lounge access in many European cities, and now continues to count pennies by eliminating such a basic thing as newspapers. Surely, it is not the end of the world, as I personally never even took one from the lounge, but it is alarming as SAS keeps cutting down on things and not offering anything new in return, apart from barely working new SAS website.

Waiting for SAS to stop offering free coffee and tea!