YQ fuel surcharges in Brazil now allowed

Caralho gente…

Starting from today, Brazilian government has allowed all airlines to start charging hideous YQ surcharges, better knows as fuel surcharges. Every traveller knows those pesky charges imposed by airlines, which makes any sort of cheap airfare skyrocket in price. Even more, YQ surcharges are usually accounted for most of the price of award tickets with any airline.

New regulation is available in Brazilian Portuguese, in case you are fluent in it.

As it is a fresh new regulation, so far only TAP Portugal Airlines introduced fuel surcharges on their flights from Brazil (charges flying TO Brazil were always there). YQ charge for flying Economy from Sao Paulo to Lisbon is approx. 90 EUR and Business class is almost 200 EUR.

TAP Portugal YQ fuel surcharges
All other major airlines flying from Brazil, including Lufthansa, United, Turkish, British Airways, LATAM, Air France, KLM and etc etc etc, have not introduced YQ fuel surcharges yet, but it does feel like it’s only a question of time.

Airline prices in Latin America have been always ridiculous, and now we can expect one more bump up, as soon as other airlines catch up with speedy TAP Portugal.