ANA First Class Suite (NH 212) London to Tokyo review

Booking two seats in ANA First Class suites can be a challenge. Flight NH 212 is one out of only 3 daily flights from Europe to Japan, which is operated by ANA B777-300ER with First Class Suites installed.

It took me approximately 3 months to get these seats, as ANA usually releases just 1 First Class award seat on their long-haul flights.  Was it worth the trouble and time spent? Absolutely!

All Nippon Airways (ANA) NH 212 London to Tokyo First Class review

  • Flight: All Nippon Airways NH 212
  • London Heathrow (LHR) – Tokyo Haneda (HND)
  • Direct flight: duration 11h50m
  • First Class Suite
  • Aircraft: Boeing 777-300ER
  • Seats: 1D, 1G

ANA operates B777 with First Class Suites only on their flights between Tokyo to London/Frankfurt. It’s been next to impossible to find more than 1 award seat available on any of ANA European flights, especially from such a busy destination as London. However, by luck and checking the availability during 3 months, I managed to book one seat all the way back in August 2017, and second seat somewhere in the beginning of December, for departing on December 25th, 2017.

I had mixed expectations about the flight, awaiting the most to try Krug champagne, but was not very attracted to the cabin itself. Overall, my expectations were met.

If you have extra time before departure, it’s better spent in United Global First Lounge, rather than Singaporean First Class Lounge. Boarding First Class cabin was very fast, and I was welcomed by polite and smiley ANA flight attendants, who helped me to my seat, offered help with the carry-on and offered a drink (Krug :)).

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ANA First Class Suite Cabin and Seats

ANA First Class B777-300ER features 8 Suites in 1-2-1 configuration. I liked the design and colors of the cabin. The wooden design was looking clean and relaxing, while seats were big and comfortable, as it shall be in First Class cabins. Overhead bins provided enough storage for all passengers, especially given that the cabin was half empty.

The screen is reasonably-sized and entertainment system is working properly. During the sleeping time, the seat transforms into a full bed, ANA also provides nice, soft and comfortable bedding, in comparison to Asiana Airlines First Class Suites, where the pillow was just laughable.

The only negative thing about ANA First Class Suites is annoying privacy separator, which cannot be removed. If you’re traveling with someone, you have to constantly bend to be able to talk and see each other. Other airlines install separators which can be lifted up and down, but in ANA it’s impossible.

ANA First Class Dining and Drinking

Personally, my interest in flying ANA First Class was focused on trying Krug champagne and western menu, which features supposedly “one of the best steaks you can get in the skies”.

ANA Champagne

ANA First Class Krug Champagne
ANA First Class Krug Champagne

ANA First Class offers Krug Grande Cuvee and Louis Roederer Brut Millesime 2009 champagnes to First Class passenger. In my opinion, Louis Roederer is a better option for travelers who enjoy less sweet champagne, meanwhile, Krug is surely nothing to complain about.

Wine selection is also quite nice, and Sake and Shochu options are wider than in most of European bars and pubs! If they wouldn’t be that strong in alcohol, you can spend entire ANA flight just trying different Sake.

ANA Cuisine

When it comes to food, you have to be a seafood enthusiast to really appreciate ANA First Class Japanese cuisine. It wasn’t my case, as I had no idea about what are the 90% of the ingredients in Japanese dishes.

However, it didn’t stop me from asking for Oscietra black caviar, which is not officially advertised on the menu. And here’s a weird thing, ANA was carrying only 1 jar of black caviar for the entire first class cabin… My friend asked for it as well but was told I got the last portion. I find it extremely odd that one passenger gets black caviar, meanwhile another not. From my experience with Lufthansa, Asiana, and Thai Airways first class cabins, there is always enough black caviar for ALL the passengers, and even more, if someone doesn’t want it, but never a shortage.

For the main course, I decided to try ANA famous wagyu beef.  It was definitely a delicious cut of meat, especially with my previous experiences of getting steaks up in the air.

I’m also including “vegetarian Hindu” food served during the flight, which was pre-ordered by my friend. Overall, the friend was happy and satisfied with his vegetarian option, but I always find it of worse quality and presentation compared to standard menu meals.

Just before breakfast, I tried IPPUDO Daichi ramen (as I love ramen soups), which was very tasty and filling, making me pass on the breakfast itself, but there are photos of vegetarian breakfast instead.

ANA First Class Amenity Kit / Pajamas

ANA First Class Samsonite amenity kit

I LOVE collecting different airline’s amenity kits (well, if it’s not Lufthansa terribly designed one).

ANA is providing luggage-looking Samsonite cases, with The Ginza cosmetics and toothpaste/brush. For me, Lufthansa’s Amenity Kit features much better La Prairie cosmetics, but ANA is definitely not a bad option. It’s clearly miles ahead of the sad Thai Airways Amenity Kit.

ANA offers different “goodies” to First Class passengers, including standard socks, sleeping masks, earplugs, but also some truly fun ones, like beauty masks, refreshing towels and legs cooling pads (highly recommended for everyone to try, they are amazing!).

Pajamas were provided in different sizes. I found them to be a good quality and decent looking. When we were leaving the plane in Haneda airport, one of the flight attendants saw us packing our pajamas and offered us fresh and clean ones to take, and leave the used ones. This has never happened to us with any other airline.

ANA First Class Toilets

I was expecting ANA B777-300ER to be equipped with slightly bigger toilets. It was simply not big enough to comfortably change cloth in it. Restroom cosmetics are simpler than in Lufthansa but sufficient enough. Surely, which Japanese airline comes without a toilet, which has all those crazy washing/blowing options?

During the entire flight, toilets were clean and well maintained, nothing to complain about.


I really liked my experience in ANA First Class Suite flying from London to Tokyo. Everything was close to being perfect, apart from the god damned seat separator. I would choose London over Frankfurt due to United First Class lounge, instead of waiting for the flight in Lufthansa Senator’s lounge.

ANA has very limited award seats availability, so if you manage to find a seat and it fits your travel plan, I wouldn’t wait and try to book it immediately.