Austrian airlines and Eurowings operated by Air Berlin-Aftermatch

I previously wrote about very confusing flight reservation with flight codes OS (belonging to Austrian Airlines), but operated by Air Berlin for both Austrian Airlines and Eurowings.

Now the flight is in the past and here is how it works out in reality.

Austrian airlines and Eurowings operated by Air Berlin


OS8868 – Madrid-Vienna on flight
Operated by: Air Berlin for Eurowings

OS307 – Vienna-Copenhagen on flight number
Operated by: Air Berlin for Austrian Airlines.

Air Berlin for Eurowings flight

It is flying from Terminal 1 Madrid Barajas airport. I did not notice any mentioning of OS flight, rather it was only marked as EW flight. With Star Alliance Gold you do not get any benefits. No Fast Track, no lounge access, no priority boarding.

And no points, however check-in girl was insisting to take our EuroBonus numbers and assuring we will get some points for the first leg. Nope, nothing. Simply treat any  Star Alliance flight operated by Eurowings as just taking EasyJet.

My overall impressing of the flight can be named with just one word…LEFTOVERS.

Airplane in Eurowings livery, Air Berlin crew, partually NIKI and partually Lufthansa trays and kitchenware. It really felt like the flight was just assembled from whatever was left from 4 different airlines.

It is quite sad feeling, but heads up to the crew, they were quite polite, smiling and professional.

Austrian airlines operated by Air Berlin

To my surprise, even aircraft’s livery had “operated by Air Berlin” on it. I was thinking it was just a temprorary thing, given Air Berlin condition. Apparently, it is much deeper cooperation.

The flight has proper OS number, airplane and everything else is Austrian with small addition of “operated by Air Berlin”.

The crew, including the captain, are from Air Berlin and in Air Berlin uniform.

Austrian operated by Air Berlin flight gives full Star Alliance benefits, including lounge access, priority boarding and miles (wobbling 150 EuroBonus miles in economy class). There is also tradition onboard service, including sweat or sour snack (crackers or peanuts), water, coffee/tea and even wine.

I was able to check-in my luggage all the from Madrid to Copenhagen, but as the first flight was Eurowing, I did not get the priority tag. And my friend’s luggage didn’t arrive at all, but got delivered the day after.