Black Caviar service on Lufthansa, Thai and Asiana. Which one is better? 

Flying first class is exciting, especially if you get to enjoy delicious black caviar complimented by expensive champagne.

Lufthansa, Thai Airways and Asiana Airlines provide excellent first class service onboard, which includes  sturgeon black caviar service.

Lufthansa black caviar service

  • The only airline out of three that is serving black caviar as a portion from a bigger can, rather than as a personal jar in Thai and Asiana, therefore the portion can be smaller than a jar, or much more generous, depending on the flight attendant mood.
  • Recently introduced, as a cost reduction measurement, a gradual switch to some Chinese produced black caviar rather than authentic Beluga option
  • Great presentation with classic garnishes, including egg, onion and sour cream
  • Accompanied by Laurent-Perrier Grand Siecle champagne

Thai Airways black caviar service

  • Standard portion of black caviar in a glass jar
  • The best presentation with a pearl plate and spoon
  • Boring and mismatching bread combination
  • Accompanied by Dom Perignon champagne

Asiana Airlines black caviar service

  • Same as Thai Airways, Asiana serves a personal glass jar of black caviar
  • Accompanied by tiny, tasty and cute blini (Russian pancakes)
  • Served with standard garnishes
  • Accompanied by Pol Roger’s Sir Winston Churchill champagne