Fuego at Troika Sky Dining review- latin american disasterious food in Kuala Lumpur

Fuego by Troika Sky Dining

Is one out of three high class restaurants currently present in Kuala Lumpur.

It’s advertised as Latin American fusion cuisine complemented by a stunning overview of Petronas towers in Kuala Lumpur.

But is it really that good as it’s TripAdvisor reviews are saying?

It was my second New Year trip to Kuala Lumpur, one or my most beloved cities in Asia. And as much as I love KL, I always find it extremely hard to find a decent restaurant there. Tried everything from Hyatt rooftop restaurant, which was not good whatsoever, to small food trucks in the middle of the city, I have decided to book a table at Fuego just a few days before New Year celebration.

Arriving on time to the restaurant, the table was not ready. I personally believe it’s a trick to sell additional drinks in a tiny bar before the restaurant, as everyone was escorted to the bar before entering restaurant.
The drinks in the bar were quite good, but priced ridiculously for Malaysia.

Anyways, after a drink our table became all prepared and available so we followed the host to it.

The immediate disappointment came from the fact that promised spectacular view on Petronas Towers is blocked by a new sky scrapper construction. So we can cross that one out.

We were offered a wine list and food menu.

We decided to try Misha’s vineyard wine, simply because of it’s name. It was not the most expensive wine, but definitely not the cheapest on the menu either.

Misha’s vine from New Zealand was not appealing to my taste, but the biggest issue with it was that the waiter refused to change it. He brought a bottle, showed it to us, poured some wine in a glass and asked to try. When I said I really don’t like it and could we please change it, the answer was simply “NO! You ordered it”.

So if the restaurant refuses to change wine in case you don’t like it, why do they bother with all that trying it? Just bring a bottle, serve it and run away before your clients try it.

In a place that claims to be one of the higher class places in the city, wine policy of Fuego is definitely poor.


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