New Swiss Airlines Bombardier CS100 series

Given that it was an economy 55 minutes flight from Zurich to Rome on Swiss Airlines flight 1732, I would have never written a single word about it.

But! It was a brand new Bombardier CS100 series aircraft, which had a stunning cabin! Currently, everyone is praising Dreamliner (which still has not learned how to get airborn, given the endless engine problems) and A350, which is actually quite nice.

But if you live in Europe, where the longest flight is usually less than 3-4 hours, you will not experience A340, A350, B777, B747 and A380… The maximum you can expect is A321/B373, which are not that impressive at all.

Swiss Airlines brand new Bombardier CS100 is something that makes intra-EU travel fun again! They have one of a kind seats, which some might find insanely annoying, but if you consider it is 1 hour flight, you might find a reasoning to enjoy more foot room rather than space for your iPad or laptop. It is also giving a luxurious feel by using leather, stitched leather headpieces and stainless steel (or some metal) in front of you.

It looks neat, cool, new, fresh, fancy and rich.

Thumbs up for Swiss Airlines new Bombardier CS100, which they currently have 6 in operation and 8 more to come on order!