Qatar QSuite review. New Qatar Airways Business Class

Qatar Airways just revealed new business class cabin, called “Qatar QSuite” and a slogan “First In Business”.

The main innovation in the new QSuite business class cabin are

  • Sliding privacy doors
  • Middle seats that can be arranged into a double bed

But is it really that innovative and, more important, comfortable?

Qatar QSuite review

It is clear that Qatar Airways is trying to replicate first class experience provided by Singapore Airlines, Etihad and Emirates. Privacy doors and isolated cabins have been a privilege of first class travellers for long time. And a proper double or family bed experience is only available in apartment type of first class.

Check video or photo gallery of Qatar Airways QSuite to get a feeling what have they done.

First of all, flying backwards is back! And let’s be honest, nobody ever enjoyed such seats layout in any other business class. British Airways and many US airlines pioneered such layout many years ago and experienced massive travellers reluctance towards it. Same as you don’t like to sit in a bus facing backwards, why on earth would you pay several thousands euros to fly that way?

Considering Qatar Airways recently performed the longest flight from Doha to Auckland, which lasted more than 17 hours, would you really, like really really fly all that time backwards?

QSuite double bed

Double bed in business class sounds fantastic, especially if you are travelling with your partner/wife/kids.

But what if the entire cabin is booked by solo-travellers? Surely, there must be a separator available, but wouldn’t it be a bit too intimate to share a double bed with a complete stranger?

And back to poor backwards travellers, they obviously have more distance between their seats, wouldn’t it be more fair to make those seats transformable into double bed? In this case, passengers would choose between facing forwards but having split bed, or suffering a bit backwards with double bed?

Qatar QSuite aircrafts

It is expected to see the first flight of Qatar Airways Boeing 777-300ER on the Doha-London route from June 2017.

It will further expand to new Airbus A350-1000 and, possibly, Dreamliners.