SAS WiFi – how fast is in-flight Internet on short-haul flights?

SAS started to finally roll out in-flight WiFi for its short-haul fleet.

While having internet connection during the flight is definitely a huge improvement for SAS, their advertising of it might be a bit misleading.

How fast is SAS onboard WiFi?

SAS is claiming their WiFi is High Speed and allows to stream from Netflix. I recently took a SAS flight from Copenhagen to Munich and here’s a SpeedTest of the connection during that flight.

SAS onboard WiFi
SAS onboard WiFi

I wouldn’t say the speed is enough for comfortable streaming of Netflix or Youtube. Netflix automatically adjusts quality, when there isn’t enough internet speed, while Youtube was working properly only at 360p quality.

Switching quality to 480p makes Youtube to constantly lag and stop for buffering, which is less than pleasant experience. Surely, I wouldn’t even hope for any HD videos working fine.

Also, the connection was interrupted few times during a short 1,5 hours flight.

SAS not working WiFi
SAS not working WiFi

Perhaps, the speed and stability will increase in the future on short-haul flights, given that on SAS long-haul A330/340 fleet I haven’t experienced the same problem.

How to get SAS onboard WiFi?

Slow WiFi is still better than no WiFi.

SAS EuroBonus Gold and Diamond members and SAS Plus travelers can use in-flight WiFi for FREE and without any traffic limitation.

This’s a really nice perk for all top-tier members, especially after cutting down on luggage.

You can connect to WiFi using your SAS EuroBonus number or Last Name / Reservation Code combination.

Connecting to SAS in-flight WiFi for free
Connecting to SAS in-flight WiFi for free

All other passengers would have to pay 4,9 EUR / 49 SEK / 39 DKK / 49 NOK / 7 USD per WiFi key. 

Have you taken any SAS WiFi-equipped short-haul flights recently?

How was your internet experience and connection?