Thai Airways Royal First Class review: Bangkok to Milan on TG940

Thai Airways Royal First Class review

Thai Airways has several first class routes from Bangkok to Europe. They fly directly to London, Paris, Milan and Munich. While London and Paris routes get to enjoy new Thai first class cabin on A380, routes to Munich and Milan on Boeing 474 have an old cabin.

I was sceptical about taking an old cabin flight, irrespectively of the airline, it is usually worse experience than a new cabin. For sure, would not like to take old Lufthansa First Class cabin.

Thai first class flight came as a pleasant surprise after not so impressive Thai Royal First lounge in Bangkok.


Cabin overview

As expected, the cabin was looking old. Very old. The oldest one so far. Let me tell you, it was older than I am and it didn’t even have a wall between First Class and Business Class, it was only a curtain separator.


My power outlet refused to work during entire flight, so had no way of charging my phone. Thanks to Xiaomi powerbank bought in Malaysia to keep it working.

Thai Royal First cabin on 747 is located on the lower deck, meaning you have boring wardrobe in front of you to stare at during 10-12 hours of flying. It is a common issue for any airline using lower deck for first class. Yes, it’s more spacious area, but damn the wardrobe is boring, even if you put some screensaver on it.
Surely the seat transforms into a flat bed, which is quite comfortable but not as  much as competitors renovated  first class seats. Also, Thai Royal First lacks an additional mattress under, which results in you feeling each single corner and pointy part of the seat.

Entertainment system

Have no idea about how good or bad Thai entertainment system is…

I’m always way too drunk to remember or even try to use it, when I’m flying first class on any Star Alliance flight.

Food and drinks served in Thai Royal First class

The most important part of any first class flight, is definitely what champagne is served on board. Thai Airlines Royal First does not disappoint here. They serve Dom Perignon Vintage 2006, and have it enough in stock, compared to Asiana First Class flight Seoul (ICN) to Frankfurt (FRA).

My next favourite part, black caviar. Delicious, luxurious, fishy and yammy.

It is served on a nice pearl plate and accompanied by what is called “traditional garnishes”. As Russian who knows what black caviar is, I can tell you that much: egg and sour cream are not traditional black caviar garnishes. Either eat it on a piece or bread, or better blini, or just straight up. Do not destroy poor delicious black caviar by mixing it all together with onion, sour cream, egg and lemon juice. You destroy all the flavour!

Amuse bouche is nothing to remember. Some nuts, some pate on a piece of bread and a wrap with coconut rice.

Appetizer was not my favourite either. Some meat slices with veggies. For my taste, it was more of a school lunch.
I ordered one of the Thai Royal First Class signature dishes, their butter lobster. I guess it is as good as you can expect from a lobster flying 10km above the ground.

As any seafood, especially so delicate as lobster, if it is not prepared fresh, it becomes rubbery and tasteless. It was a bit heavy and rubbery, but was eatable for airline meal. So for, Thai Airways Royal First has nothing on Asiana First Class on food side.

Desert… Fruits… Melon, pineapple, watermelon and dragonfruit. Nothing that is not available in Thailand on each corner.

Thai Royal First Amenity kit

I love airlines amenity kits, when they are good.

These tiny Rimowa luggage cases became iconic and always get frequent flyers excited! Some travellers even change their travel dates to catch a particular amenity kit, if it is offered seasonally.

Thai Royal First amenity kit is a similar to Lufthansa First Class Rimowa amenity kit, but only on the outside.

While Lufthansa First Class is offering superior La Prairie cosmetics and Swiss Smile toothpaste, Thai Airlines Royal First settles for some cheap Monteil creams and unknown dental supplements.


After several travels to Thailand with Thai economy class and generally annoying experience with endless tuk tuk, massage and ping pong offers, Thai First Class service was a pleasant surprise. The flight attendants were very professional, attentive and yet not overwhelming. They were always there to serve another glass of Dom Peringon and fix anything needed during the flight.


Thai Airways Royal First definitely has a room for improvement, starting with Royal First Lounge in Bangkok and putting more effort in amenity kit products.

Even though Dom Perignon is a great champagne option, the wine list could be improved, as none of offered wines were tasting particularly good.

Food is simply good enough, not as great as Asiana First Class Bibimbap, but definitely not lagging behind Lufthansa and ANA.