Eventyr Lounge review in Kastrup Copenhagen CPH airport

In the beginning of March 2017 Copenhagen Kastrup Airport announced new lounge in C departure zone (non-Schengen flights).

Now it is time to review Eventyr Lounge in Copenhagen airport.

Eventyr Lounge review

Video review:


Eventyr Lounge is located in C departure zone, near Gate C26, which is right after passport control and dedicated to all non-schengen flights from Copenhagen. Clear signs assures you cannot miss it.


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All travelers flying from CPH airport can enter the lounge for a fixed 250 DKK fee (30€). Unfortunately, American Express is not accepted and you have to pay with Visa or MasterCard.

British Airways business class and oneworld Sapphire/Emerald tier flyers can access for free, when departing on British Airways operated flights.


Given that Eventyr Lounge is only few months old, it looks quite nice, clean and fresh. When I entered the lounge at noon, I was the only visitor for 20 minutes, followed by a few British Airways customers.

Furniture is brand new and has many seating options, tables, sofas, work zones and everything in between.

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Eventyr lounge is very nice decorated, with lots of plants and has spectacular overview of C gates.

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Straight to the most important part, alcohol availability and selection!

Eventyr lounge is equipped with draft beers, some cheap heavy booze and an interesting wine dispenser.

Both white and red wines are French Le Petit Chat. To my honest surprise, white one was quite drinkable, even though, I usually refuse to even clean my toilet with Frenchie wine ;).

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Interestingly, wine fridge is full of wine bottles, where first row has tubes, which transfer wine.

It is fun to use such interesting wine dispenser, but in case lounge is crowded, changing empty bottles and tubes consumes unnecessary time, both from lounge staff and visitors.


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Food options are very limited and boring, but this is a case of most lounges. Standard soup of a day, in my case it was thai chicken soup, one kind of cheese, ham, tasteless cabbage salad without any dressing, some bread and, actually, very tasty hummus.

To my surprise there were two kinds of halal meat.


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Shower rooms and restrooms are fresh, clean and sparkling white. Surely, with not that many customers it is well expected. Would be more interesting to see it again during crowded period.

I did not find any shower amenities. Perhaps, you can ask lounge staff for it.


Eventyr Lounge is a nice addition to Copenhagen Kastrup Airport, especially in boring C Pier. Hands down, Eventyr Lounge has the best views among all CPH lounges.

Would I pay to access this lounge again? Less likely.

Would I visit it when flying Great British Airways? Definitely! Enjoy a glass of something, while watching big birdies taxing to/from gates.

What do you think of Eventyr Lounge in CPH airport?

Would you pay to access it and how do you compare it to other lounges in Kastrup?