SAS Happy Weekend: Cheap flights to USA and Asia

It’s been more than 2 months since SAS Scandinavian Airlines had a decent promotional offer on long haul flights. Usually the most best offers appear during SAS Travel Now or Never campaign, which they run each Thursday 18:00 to 24:00. Guess last Thursday SAS realized that nobody cares about 70 euros flight between Copenhagen and Billund (where is it, actually?) and the following day they announced a new SAS Happy Weekend campaign, which offers not the cheapest, but discounted flights to USA, Asia and within Europe.

SAS Happy Weekend offer details:

The offer is not published on English version of, so make sure you have Swedish language selected to see it.

Book flights before 19/2 2017 for travelling

Within Europe: 6/3–30/6 2017.

To USA & Asia: 21/3–28/5 2017.

Domestic within Sweden 13/3–30/7 2017.


Some cheap flight options include:

Copenhagen (CPH) or Malmo (MMX) to New York (EWR) for approximately 350 EUR round trip in economy class.

Copenhagen (CPH) or Malmo (MMX) to Hong Kong (HKG) for approximately 380 EUR round trip in economy class.

It’s yet unclear how often SAS will offer Happy Weekend deals. So far, it is the first one.