SAS Travelers go West – USA campaign

SAS is running a new campaign – Travelers go West, with very attractive prices on flights to the USA.

Book before October 2nd, travel between 15/11 2017 and 31/5 2018.

Travelers go West campaign covers most of SAS American destinations, like New York, Chicago, Miami, Los Angeles and San Francisco.

I found a very interesting option, flying Malmo to Los Angeles and back from San Francisco to Malmo for about 350 euros. Try playing with Momondo and depart from a smaller airport, rather than Copenhagen, Stockholm or Oslo directly.

Another great option is new year dates for 650 euros, which is sick cheap given the high demand during those days.

It’s also a great opportunity to go on SAS EuroBonus mile run, as a round trip to San Francisco or Los Angeles would give around 8 000 SAS EuroBonus points.