SAS EuroBonus Points Pooling (Sharing) is finally here!

A long-awaited feature of SAS EuroBonus program is live, which is actually more positive rather than negative, considering the recent 95% points earning devaluation and 25% points redemption increase.

Now SAS EuroBonus members can pool points in one account and reach their travel goals faster. This includes SAS or Star Alliance award booking (including First Class trips), travel class upgrade, car rental, hotel booking or anything else that is possible to purchase using EuroBonus points.

Here are the details from SAS regarding the EuroBonus sharing

Pros of SAS EuroBonus family and friends pooling

  • Up to 8 members can pool their points into 1 EuroBonus sharing account
  • Saving of 25 Eur per 1000 EuroBonus points transferred
  • All members can redeem the entire EuroBonus pool of points
  • One person acts as admin of the group and can prevent any other member from using the points completely
  • The oldest points from all members will be used first, so less chance of having EuroBonus points being wasted due to the expiration
  • If a member leaves the pool group and cancels EuroBonus (Star Alliance) award, points are returned to the members in the proper proportions
  • SAS EuroBonus Diamond member’s points do not expire (even though will be shown with expiration date)

Cons of SAS EuroBonus points sharing account

  • new feature, which will create a lot of confusion and questions at the beginning
  • Opens brand new opportunities for scam and points black market
  • All points sharing members can see your transactions and activities
  • Saving some points for a personal use is impossible unless you leave the group
  • Requires 6 months in the points pooling account, before you can quit it



After the award points have been redeemed, I doubt there will be any way of claiming them back. 

Are you going to start SAS  EuroBonus points pooling?

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